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Jimmy Snaz


Jimmy Snaz is the creative heartbeat of North Street Salem. After almost 15 years tattooing, traveling, hitting the tv screen, settling into his dream and vision that is north street tattoo, his main focus has become creating a space where like-minded artists and clients can truly thrive. 
Jimmy pulls from his experiences with almost any style when approaching every tattoo. His love for bold, graphic, and readable tattoos helped chisel his way into a distinct style that has become instantly recognizable and synonymous with the Salem born artist. To keep a close eye on Jimmy Snaz and rest of NORTH STREET TATTOO, check out our social media handles!


Kyle MacKenzie


Kyle Mackenzie has been in the tattoo industry for 10 plus years. Diving in head first at an early age with mentorship from his brother Jimmy among other well respected Artists in the field, Kyle began specializing in American Traditional Tattoos. By bringing his own specific skillset and artistic background to the genre, He has become a true master at his trade. Kyle’s work is recognizable, bold and stands the test of time. We are beyond excited to have him as part of the crew here at North Street. 


Nicholas James


Nicholas has been professionally tattooing in the greater Boston area since 2015. His experience in a busy vibrant tattoo studio in the heart of Somerville, MA helped develop his ability to take on whatever tattoo that comes through the door. Big or small Nick has you covered. His heart and soul lies with creating big, bold and vibrant traditional tattooing that is reminiscent of 1980's and 90s biker culture. Nick handles all of his booking through his TEXT ONLY number and can be reached via text message (781)-346-9383


Terry Rite Hook


Terry “Rite Hook” Nugent has been an artist in every sense of the word as far as he can remember. Solidifying himself as Massachusetts own alternative based Hip Hop artist who blends dense, lyrical subject matter with bluesy, rock sung choruses capturing the struggles of those on society fringes. Whether it was music, tattooing, painting or modifying clothing, ART has always been the center piece. After stepping away from tattooing for some years to focus on crafting his music, Hook is back to do the same with tattooing. We are excited to have him as part of the crew here at North Street!



Jake Cassevoy

Jake holds a professional background in printmaking where he honed his talents and developed his distinct artistic style. He made the switch to pursuing his tattoo career in the fall of 2021 and completed his apprenticeship under mentor Joe Wood in late 2023. Jake set his sights on bold traditional tattoos that are influenced by historical turn of the century tattooing mixed with the punk rock and skate culture of his youth. His focus is American traditional tattooing and the historical significance of classic tattoo symbolism. His laidback style and friendly demeanor makes him perfect fit to our team. We are excited to have him as part of the crew here at North Street!

Contact Us

116 C North Street
Salem, MA 01970

(978) 594-0120

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